Jack Smith
       - Isn't service as a commissioner & director of the Bank of Georgia a conflict of interest?
       - [If you could, would you re-distribute 2004 SPLOST money now earmarked for the West Fayette Bypass?]
       - Explain why the County Administrator is rendered a written performance evaluation only if he requests it?
       - Explain your vote for the Atlanta Regional Committee's mass transit plan; would you vote that way again?
       - How is the County Attorney's performance evaluated?
       - The WFB passes six schools, is student safety secondary to Fayetteville traffic safety? 
       - Why didn't you select Fayetteville road solution D, instead of alternative A?
       - What's the next step to bringing a technical school to Fayette County?
       - Closing remarks, "We're only the instruments of putting [the WFB] into play."

    Eric Maxwell
       - Can you explain how the WFB will alleviate traffic in Fayetteville?
       - Can you legally change the allocation of WFB money to another program on the SPLOST?
       - Will you assure voters that you will remove yourself from consideration for a judgeship?
       - If citizens don't want the WFB, why not re-allocate that money to the cities?
       - Is it now a better time to spend the WFB money on something else?
       - What makes Fayette's defined benefit retirement plan better than those in other counties?
       - Closing remarks, "There's not a dime of Fayette County money in the crosswalks."