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Illegal Aliens In GA


joint panel hearings
March 3, 2010:  GA House Democrats sullenly review the final vote: 113 Yea to 56 Nay

Contact the Governor (404-656-1776), Urge him to Sign HB-87
Review Opponents' Arguments, and Responses


Update: HB-87 passed both chambers of the GA legislature during the evening of its last day in session.  It now awaits Governor Nathan Deal's signature to become law.  Urge the Governor to sign it by calling his office at 404-656-1776.


What's the Big Deal?

     There are an estimated 425,000 illegal aliens in GA (more than in AZ), and illegal aliens here comprise about 6% of our labor force (GA unemployment in Dec is 10.1%). 

     An obvious fundamental measure is for the federal government to fulfill its constitutional responsibility to defend our borders from illegal passage and to effectively & efficiently manage immigration requests.  No recent administration of either party has done so, to the detriment of the states.

     Federal mandates, with Supreme Court backing, require that everyone in the United States be provided emergency health care and elementary & primary schooling- much of which is paid for by state governments and private businesses, and all of it is ultimately paid for by taxes. Illegal aliens may also apply for and receive housing, food stamps, and consume public safety resources.


We Oppose Illegal Aliens In GA Because It ...

Is Unlawful Conduct  
Every sovereign nation has the inherent right to defend its borders and control entrance.  In accordance with its Constitutional powers, congress enacted federal laws (Title 8 of the U.S. Code) proscribing that aliens must have proof that they entered the country lawfully. This provides a means to fairly apportion foreign access, control the influx of communicable diseases, and prevent the entrance of criminals & those who would harm us through terrorist acts and overwhelm our citizens with significant economic burdens.

Erodes Our Society
We are a nation that subscribes to laws enacted by elected representatives, rather than a nation living under the rule of man (where the rules change on the whim of a dictator, emperor, or monarch).  The millions of illegal aliens, millions of their supporters, and hundreds of elected officials who openly flaunt the federal code erode the rule of law and the society that lives by it.

Is Unjust
Justice is the equal application of law to everyone. Illegal aliens, especially, diminish the effort and sacrifice of generations of legal immigrants.

Is Expensive
Federal mandates require that everyone be provided with education for children through high school and a degree of medical care; others receive "tax" rebates and §8 housing- all paid for by earnings taken through taxation.

Is Unfair
Illegals are regularly taken advantage of through below-market wages & benefits.  Condoning illegal entry denigrates the effort and respect for the law exercised by the million legal immigrants each year.  The United States remains the host to more legal immigrants every year than the rest of the world combined.

    In response to these issues, GA Representatibe Matt Ramsey has co-chaired a panel to solicit input considered in a new bill that addresses these problems in a fair and effective manner.  Ramsey's HB-87 cleared a House vote on March 2 and has been passed to the GA Senate for action.  We will track the bill's progress through the legislature, and urge you to read and support it in your community.


     We strongly urge you  to contact Governor Nathan Deal to urge approval of legislation curtailing economic incentives to employ illegal aliens, their residence in, and consume taxpayer-funded resources of GA.  You may certainly prepare your own remarks, or use the sample messages to representatives & the governor below

  Suggested Comments to Copy-Paste Into A Message

Subject:  Support for HB 87 (response to illegal aliens in GA)

Governor Deal,

I, along with GA's majority of voters, am asking for your support of Representative Ramsey's HB-87 that addresses illegal aliens in GA.  

I understand the scope of the illegal alien problem in GA, provisions in the bill to respond to it, e-verify, and that employers have legal means through H-2A visas to sponsor aliens for work in GA.

I also understand, and do not condone, that illegal aliens' actions are...
- Unlawful
- Unjust to immigrants
- Expensive for GA taxpayers
- Simply unfair. 

As a long-standing Georgia tax payer and consistent voter, I urge your support of HB-87 intact out of committee for a YES vote on the floor.  I count on our lawmakers to help enforce laws.

Thank you for your support.


[your name]


Subject:  Support for HB 87 (response to illegal aliens in GA)

Governor Deal,

I understand...
- the difference between immigrants and illegal aliens
- that there are more illegal aliens in GA than AZ
- that illegal aliens are breaking the law and cost GA taxpayers an estimated $2B annually for K-12 education, law enforcement, and selected social programs
- that employers rely on taxpayers to make up the difference between prevailing wages and those paid to illegal aliens
- that employers can legally sponsor aliens to perform agricultural work under the H-2A visa
- that e-verify is free, easy to use, and effective

I remember your campaign pledge to support an AZ type law

I vote in every election, along with the 184 members of my Tea Party


[your name]

Typical Liberal Arguments... & Responses
Why are you an anti-immigrant racist?
First, stop the hate speech- it has no place in a serious debate and will not intimidate me into silence on this vital issue.
I welcome immigrants, but I object to the unlawful entry of illegal aliens and the economic, social, health, and public safety consequences of their presence.
Illegal aliens are simply undocumented workers   They certainly are undocumented, but that administrative description masks the much more significant aspect of their undocumented presence- it violates federal law. 
Referring to them as merely "undocumented" is akin to describing a bank robber as an undocumented withdrawer; yes, his action is "undocumented", but the operative aspect of the action is that it violates the law, not that he didn't produce a valid withdrawal slip. 
Illegal aliens just want a better life   No doubt most do, and we want to preserve ours: our rule of law, our economy, our jobs, and our public safety.
The US naturalizes more legal aliens as citizens than all other countries on the planet- combined. 
It is impossible for all of the world's population that wants our liberty and economic prosperity to move here, but it is possible for people to emulate our political & economic model in their own countries. 
To that end, the US works as an example of how to achieve liberty and economic prosperity.  Consider post-war Europe, Japan, South Korea, former USSR republics, and more recently, the potential now in citizens' hands in Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, and Libya.
Illegal aliens pay taxes   I'm sure some do, but no study shows that the population of illegal aliens contributes more in taxes than it costs in mandated educational, health, and law enforcement costs.  Look at the burden such costs add to California's budget deficits.
They obey other laws   After breaking our national entry laws, many obey other laws.  An orderly society cannot endure, however, when large segments of its population are free to cherry pick which laws they will obey and which ones they will violate.
Their unlawful actions are also insulting to immigrants who respected their new country's laws to become new citizens here.
The law promotes racial profiling   Read the bill.  The bill specifically prohibits racial profiling.
Does that guarantee there will never be such an incident?  No.  But in that rare circumstance, departments will take appropriate action with the individual and review their training/enforcement programs.  A victim is also able to file suit against the offender and/or their department, as they can now in the event of racial profiling.
Quota limits deny immigration to some   True, but that's no authority for aliens to break our laws or for you to condone their actions.
Legislation will cause unbearable expenses to GA's taxpayers   While the legislation does authorize citizens to bring legal action against government officials who knowingly disobey the law, it includes provisions for a a "grace period" during which the official can rectify a problem- thus fixing the problem (our aim in the first place) and avoiding a trial & judgment.
It'll be a dis-incentive for new businesses to locate in a state that's hostile to immigrants and other nationals Ethical businesses are more profitable in environments that create and enforce a level playing field where they can compete fairly on the basis of better products and services.   They also value an educated, stable workforce, markets, and good transportation networks.  GA will continue to excel in these areas.
Immigration is a federal issue; we have no authority in the matter and should stay out of it.
We'd be better served by using our effort to force Washington to do its job.
Yes, immigration IS a federal responsibility, but the failure by administrations of both political parties causes very real consequences to the states-  who DO have the responsibility and authority to protect their citizens from the economic, social, legal, and public safety impacts of federal failures.
We certainly do not oppose your submitting a resolution calling on the federal government to enforce border security and improve immigration processes; why haven't you done so?
Enforcement will overwhelm law enforcement offices and the courts   Legislators expect the law to bring about the voluntary departure of most illegal aliens from the state, avoiding any need for large-scale law enforcement actions.
The federal e-verify program is cumbersome & inaccurate

Not at all. The program is free, easy, and provides rapid responses (about one minute).  E-verify correctly identifies legal workers 99%+ of the time; the identification of illegals is lower, in part due to some such applicants using fraudulent documents.
Applicants who are not confirmed initially may contest the finding, and employers cannot deny them the job on that basis unless the non-confirmation status is sustained.

It's just politics; you didn't persue this issue before Obama was elected (yep, several GA Representatives actually made this argument on the floor of the House)   Administrations of both major political parties have failed to aggressively carry out their Constitutionally-mandated responsibility to defend our borders and conduct an effective & efficient immigration program.
The bill authorizes law enforcement officers to collect a bounty on illegal aliens they apprehend Again, read the bill; there is absolutely no such provision in the bill.
It will rip families apart   Among the estimated 425,000 illegal aliens now in GA, there will no doubt be some unfortunate & heartfelt cases of families composed of immigrants as well as illegal aliens.   The illegal aliens in such cases have the same option to seek permanent residency/citizen status that's afforded to other aliens.
It'll hurt tourism and its associated jobs, and will be bad for agriculture   The hundreds of thousands of tourists who continue to enter GA legally will continue to visit the Peach State for its many attractions.
A number of states have already adopted (or are in the process of passing) protections similar to GA's, and the novelty of trade and businesses boycotts is yielding to common sense.
You're perpetuating our historic treatment of slaves   Actually, just the opposite
The absence of enforceable legislation perpetuates the influx and subsequent unfair labor practices some employers use against illegal aliens.
"I embrace legal immigration, but..."   You enforce the immigration laws and or you don't. 
Those who won't deal with the consequences to states of ignored federal border security & immigration laws are, in effect, supporting open/no borders- the unrestricted flow of any & every one from anywhere, with whatever purposes they have for crossing into the US.

Don't forget to thank these members of the House Judiciary (non-civil) Committee who thoughtfully considered HB 87; the bill passed their committee on Monday, Feb 28 on a voice vote.  There is no record of how individual members voted.

(R)  Rich Golick, Chairman
(R)  Mark Hatfield, Vice Chair
(R)  Charlice Byrd, Secretary     
(R)  Wendell Willard, Ex-Officio
(R)  Doug Collins
(R)  Christian Coomer
(R)  Alex Atwood
(R)  Sharon Cooper
(R)  Bobby Franklin
(R)  BJ Pak
(R)  Ed Setzler
(R)  Matt Ramsey, bill sponsor
(D)  Nikki Randall
(D)  Roberta Abdul-Salaam
(D)  Stacey Abrams
(D)  Stephanie Stuckey-Benfield
(D)  Yasmin Neal

... and these members of the Senate Rules Committee:

(R)  Governor Nathan Deal
GA 404-656-1776
(R)  Charlie Bethel
(R)  Bill Cowsert Vice Chairman
(R)  John Crosby Secretary
(R)  William Ligon
(R)  Bill Hamrick Chairman
(R)  Joshua McKoon
(R)  Mitch Seabaugh Ex Officio
(R)  Jesse Stone


What Else Can You Do?

- Get informed, visit the Dustin Inman Society web site for accurate, timely information
- Express your support of immigration reform legislation to your representative and senator:
           GA House Bill 87
           GA Senate Bill 40
           see also the AZ law
- Write a letter to the editor of your local paper (see examples below)
- Share your opinion with & inform others
- Attend our next meeting



Taxpayers Shoulder the Costs of Undocumented Workers.
By Matt Ramsey

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Feb 23, 2011

In recent weeks, much has been said and written about efforts in the Legislature to enact common-sense state reforms aimed at addressing the issues posed in Georgia by the federal government’s failure to secure our nation’s borders.

One of them is my bill, HB 87, which beefs up enforcement to prevent illegal aliens from getting government benefits and tightens-up what forms of identification can be accepted to receive those benefits. The bill also requires the use of E-Verify by private employers to ensure that job opportunities are protected for those legally eligible to hold them.

Incredibly, the rhetoric being put forth by many opinion writers and special interest groups such as the ACLU fails to ever even acknowledge the devastating social and economic consequences in Georgia resulting from the presence of 425,000 illegal aliens (more than Arizona). The special interests have apparently decided on an opposition strategy based on hysterical and fact-free political scare tactics rather than real debate.

Those who oppose the enforcement of immigration law and support open borders may find the arguments made by opponents of HB 87 compelling. Thankfully, the vast majority of Georgians believe enforcing the rule of law and protecting taxpayer-funded benefits and services for those eligible to receive them, as well as jobs, are critical and necessary goals.

Opponents of HB 87 raise concerns about costs of enforcement, while failing to mention the huge cost borne by taxpayers in subsidizing hundreds of thousands of people in this country in violation of our very liberal immigration laws. One study estimates the total cost to Georgia’s state and local taxpayers is a whopping $2.4 billion per year. The common refrain by the opponents of this legislation that illegal immigration is “solely a federal issue” is patently ridiculous when you consider it is state and local taxpayers who are footing the bill.

Another argument we often hear is that HB 87 will have a detrimental impact on our agriculture industry’s labor pool. This argument is often made without mention of the existing H-2A visa program that provides a legal avenue to import an unlimited number of temporary foreign workers for our ag industry. Beyond that, no one will ever convince me that Georgia’s future economic prosperity depends on those who are in our country illegally.

Perhaps the most misleading rhetoric in this debate has been the attempt to discredit the use of the free, easy and effective employment eligibility verification system known as E-Verify. Statements have been made about the “inaccuracies” inherent in the system. Let me report the facts. Based on FY 2009 data, E-Verify instantly verifies 97.4 percent of all employees as eligible to work. The very small percentage who are not instantly verified are given the right to appeal before an employer can take action. Further, the 16,000 Georgia employers already enrolled in this user-friendly system will tell you it takes a matter of minutes to enroll and adds less than a minute to the hiring process.

Those who rely on illegal labor know that the use of E-Verify will deter illegal employment and they will stop at nothing to prevent its use. Critics of this measure continue to attempt to obscure the simple fact that E-Verify protects jobs for Georgians legally eligible to hold them and that there is absolutely nothing about the use of the program that will prevent a single employer in Georgia, in any industry, from employing a legal work force.

The citizen support for legislation aimed at addressing this issue has been overwhelming, and I encourage Georgians to remain engaged on this critical issue. Georgians should continue to strive to separate fact from fiction. So should many opinion writers.

State Rep. Matt Ramsey, R-Peachtree City, is an attorney.


letter to the editor

Letter tot he editor


In Case You're Interested...

     In one area of misaligned thinking, some groups believe that illegal aliens from Mexico have a right to be in Texas and other southwestern states because America took those lands by force and should give them back. 

     Following that argument for the area of, say, Lubbock, TX, the US should return the land not to Mexico, but to the Confederacy, since it was taken by force from the Confederacy following the Civil War.  The Confederacy would then return it to the Republic of Texas, and the Republic would then return it to Mexico, from whom the Republic took it by force.  Case settled?

     Certainly, though, La Raza would extend their moral argument and insist that Mexico return the land to Spain, since Mexico took the land through force from the Spanish.  And the Spanish would return it to France, who would re-return it to Spain.

     But the earliest Spanish forcefully took the land from the Commanches, who, in turn, took it by force from the Apaches.  Here, the records gets a bit cloudy because people didn't know how to write before that time, but the Apaches were preceeded by the Pueblos, the Plainview people, the Folsom people, and Clovis Man (Folsom & Clovis tribes are named after early human tools found, near Folsom and Clovis, NM).  Archaeologists consider the 11,000 year old Clovis Man the oldest inhabitants of North America.

     Since the only two owners of merit are the original and current ones, the area belongs to the United States.

  What We Believe: Immigration  
Group A
(R)  Bill Hembree, Chairman
(R)  Wendell Willard, Vice Chairman
(R)  James Mills, Secretary
(R)  Timothy Bearden
(R)  Tommy Benton
(R)  David Casas
(R)  Jill Chambers
(R)  Mickey Channell
(R)  Sharon Cooper
(R)  Katie Dempsey
(D)  Karla Drenner
Group B
(R)  Earl Ehrhart
(R)  Gerald Greene
(R)  Bob Hanner
(R)  Mike Jacobs
(R)  Jan Jones
(R)  Bob Lane
(R)  John Lunsford
(R)  Judy Manning
(R)  Greg Morris
(D)  Howard Mosby
(R)  Butch Parrish
Group C
(D)  Nikki Randall
(R)  Tom Rice
(R)  Jay Roberts
(R)  Austin Scott
(R)  Ed Setzler
(R)  Donna Sheldon
(R)  Bob Smith
(R)  Lynn Smith
(D)  Calvin Smyre
(R)  Ron Stephens
(R)  Len Walker
(R)  Edward Lindsey, Ex-Officio