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Update: Steve Brown overturns incumbent Jack Smith

     I want to thank every Fayette County citizen who exericsed their voting priviledge and voted for me as your Post 4 County Commissioner.  I clearly recognize the responsibility to public service that accompanies your confidence, and pledge to fulfill that responsibility and serve all our residents going forward.   Again, I sincerely thank all of you, as well as our selfless volunteers.


Volunteers hold signs for Steve Brown

What Do YOU Want for Fayette County? 

Steve Brown

                    I'm Steve Brown

And here's my vision for Fayette County:

- Serve as an exemplary steward of citizens' resources
- Preserve Fayette County's rural character
- Put Citizens First in Fayette County

(see the details here)

My opponent's voting record clearly favored another direction:

   - Mass transit planned by the Atlanta Regional Commission
   - $135m in higher taxes, through a special purpose sales tax
   - A $52m road with no verifiable benefit except for developers, builders, & their bankers

Which Do YOU Want?


Starr's Mill

     You decided- it's OUR county and our families' futures.  Your vote for me in the Primary election established a citizen mandate that rejects sales tax increases, the $52m West Fayette Bypass, and puts you before special interests. Don't take my word for it, review my record.

     I cherish our lifestyle, recognize the need for growth, and believe the two can be compatible.  I have experience as an elected official, but more importantly, I have taken on very contentous issues on behalf of citizens when highly placed officials and business interests came down on the other side of those issues.  I pledge to continue working for Fayette County's citizens first.


Rural scene

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