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Fayette County newspaper headline story

  Two incumbent commissioners up for re-election vigorously supported a $50m road project that we have not seen justification for (such as a traffic engineering study that concludes the road is necessary).  The commissioners have pushed ahead with the project and recently obtained a general permit (1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3) from for its construction.

   Our members conducted a broad spectrum of actions to support two challengers for those seats on a Fayette County Commission that had been fiscally irresponsible and dismissive of citizen requests, and we campaigned to retain a responsible Board of Education member. 

      Against overwhelming odds, our candidates prevailed in the primary and, in an unopposed general election in November, shall be elected to replace two of the offending incumbents.  Review our after action report here (note: this is a large PDF- 125MB).

Letter to the editor



One of the many members' letters to the editor. Other members reviewed bloggers' posts, corrected mis-information and educated readers with factual, issue-related comments that included frequent links to original government & other public documents.

Nathan Deal and HArold Bost    

     The Fayette County Tea Party members invite you to learn who we are, our values, and our accomplishments.  Then stop by for a meeting and become part of the effort to reclaim Fayette County, our state, and take back our country from those who denegrate the Constitution, the rule of law, and all that has made us a worldwide beacon for mankind.

Forum for county commission candidates
Members hosted a forum for incumbent and challenger commissioners

Explaining links between campaign support & incumbent


      Members developed this graphic for a direct mail piece and newspaper insert.

  Campaign signs supporting the incumbent commissioners were prominently displayed at several service stations owned by the same person whose large tract of undeveloped land would gain 3/4 mile of frontage on that same road.  Smith and Maxwell were defeated.