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       The Fayette County Issues Tea Party is an organization of like-minded Fayette County citizens who value limited government, personal responsibility, and fiscal prudence. 

     We have moved far beyond the meet, greet, & discussion activities that predominate some grass roots movements. Our members include current & former county commissioners & chairmen, county political party officers, former military officers, teachers, soccer moms, and others who are used to setting goals and working hard to achieve them.  We are not special interests with speculative or investment holdings.  We are involved with our communities, but do not sit on the boards of banks.  We have roots in Fayette County and raise our families here.

    We don't expect perfection from elected officials, but we do not tolerate their deliberate mis-deeds.  We attend & speak at County Commission and Board of Education meetings, submit open records requests, and write letters to the editor.  A commissioner's criminal behavior spurred members to lodge a formal ethics complaint and file a recall campaign with the GA State Ethics Commission to remove him from office.   We actively support candidates who will perpetuate our values.

Tyrone forum
City candidates forum, Tyrone, GA; hosted by the Fayette County Issues Tea Party

We meet regularly (see calendar for dates, times, and location) and you're invited to attend.

Honest Government Leadership    

    Getting honest people elected to government leadership positions is tough.  We have already achieved several notable successes by:

      -  Backing values-based issues that are important to the community at large instead of special interests.
      -  Supporting candidates who share our values.
      -  Investing the time, energy, finances, and confidence necessary to achieve the impossible.


We partnered with several other key groups to research and expose activities and relationships that favored special interests over the community at large, then invested additional time & energy to:

- Deliver a stinging 3:1 defeat of a $135m sales tax increase promoted by all five commissioners.
- Through a series of public forums,  compared & contrasted incumbent & challengers for five county commission seats, the county sheriff, two mayoral & five city council seats throughout the county
- Strongly supported the alignment of congresstional district boudaries to encompass the city of Tyrone and 95% of Fayetteville
- Worked very closely with the sponsor of GA's Illegal Alien bill, Rep Matt Ramsey, to help pass that landmark legislation
- Partnered with other like-minded groups to defeat special interests' $8.5m campaign to raise the state sales tax in our ten-county region

Join US!:

        If you are tired of what you've been seeing and hearing about in government, and would like to get involved but aren't sure where to begin or how to have an impact, why not join the Fayette County Issues Tea Party?

     Many of us had never been more involved with our elected political leaders than voting, and expecting them to understand and carry out our values.  The last several years, in particular, have shown us that we can't simply vote and forget about who's directing our lives and how they're doing it .  Our organization is comprised primarily of friends, neighbors, moms, dads, and a few small business owners.  Some have more experience than others.  All have a strong desire for limited government, a free enterprise economy, individual liberty.  Whether you can contribute an hour a week or five hours a day, there is a need in the community for your talents.

     Check the calendar to see the date of our next meeting; stop by and introduce yourself.  We believe you'll like how we pursue our values and principles in an open, transparent manner with input from all.  There are no dues and we welcome members of every political party who embrace our values.

     To learn more, send us an email with your questions and we'll be happy to respond,


Harold BostBob Ross

               Harold C. Bost,                                     Bob Ross   
    Co-Founder , 770-542-7154
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