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This a convenient compilation of many of the public officials elected to serve the citizens of Fayette County.  Learn more about your officials, polling places, and voting here.

The Fayette County Issues Tea Party offers candidates, incumbents and challengers of all parties to introduce themselves to our members at the begining of our monthly meetings, usually held on the last Tuesday of the month at 7:00PM. If you would like to coordinate a candidate's opportunity, call Bob at 404-644-1666


U.S. Senate

Office & Term
  David Perdue (R) GA Senator 2015-20  
  Johnny Isakson (R) GA Senator 2017-22  
U.S. House of Representatives
  Drew Ferguson (R) Representative, Dist 3             2017-18  
Map of US district 3
GA House of Representatives
  Debra Bazemore (D) Representative, Dist 63 2017-18  
Derick Jackson (D) Representative, Dist 64 2017-18  
David Stover (R) Representative, Dist 71 2017-18
Josh Bonner (R) Representative, Dist 72 2017-18
Karen Mathiak  (R) Representative, Dist 73 2017-18

Map of GA representatives' districts
2013 District map

GA Senate
Marty Harbin   (R) Senator, District 16 2017-18
Valencia Seay  ( ) Senator, District 34 2017-18

Map of GA State Senate districts
2006 District map for State Senators


Fayette County Commission
Charles Oddo Post 1 2017-20

Eric Maxwell

Post 2 2017-20  
Randy Ognio Post 3 2017-20
Steve Brown Post 4 2015-18
Charles Rousseau Post 5 2015-18

Fayette County elects five county commissioners to fill posts 1-5; with Post 5 covering the entire county and elected at-large.  Commissioners must live within their district and are elected by voters in their district only. The Board of Eductaion follows the same electoral model.

FC district maps



Fayette County Board of Education
Diane Basham (R) Post 4 2015-18
  Brian Anderson (R) Post 2 2017-20
  Barry Marchman, (R) Chair Post 1 2017-20
  Scott Hollowell (R) Post 3 2017-20
  Leonard Presberg (D) Post 5 2015-18


Fayette County Sheriff
Barry Babb (R) Sheriff 2017-20

  Christopher C. Edwards Chief Judge, Superior Court 2015-18  
  Fletcher Sams Judge, Superior Court 2017-20  
  Scott Ballard Judge, Superior Court 2017-20  
  Robert M. Crawford Judge, Superior Court 2017-20  
  Jason Thompson Judge, State Court of Fayette County 2016  
  James K. Inagawa Solicitor General, Fayette Cty 2017-20  
    Magistrate Judge P-1 2016  
  Kathy Brown Valencia Magistrate Judge P-2 2017-20  
  Robert Ruppenthal Magistrate Judge P-3 2017-20  
  James A. White Magistrate Judge P-4 2017-20  
  Ann S. Jackson Judge, Probate Court 2017-20  
  Ben J. Miller Presiding Judge, Juvenile Court    
  Karen M. Calloway Associate Judge, Juvenile Court    
  Ben Coker District Attorney, Griffen Judicial Circuit 2017-20  
Constitutional Offices
  Sheila Studdard Clerk of Courts 2017-20
  Kristi King Tax Commissioner 2017-20
  W.B. Huddleston Coroner 2017-20  
Peachtree City
  Vanessa Fleisch Mayor 2014-17  
Phil Prebor Post 1 Council Seat 2016-19  
Mike King Post 2 Council Seat 2016-19  
  Kim Learnard Post 3 Council Seat 2014-17  
  Terry Ernst Post 4 Council Seat 2014-17  

Ed Johnson Mayor 2016-19  
  Harlan Shirley Councilman 2016-19  
  Kathaleen Brewer Councilwoman 2016-19  
  Paul C. Oddo, Jr. Councilman 2014-17  
  Scott Stacy Mayor Pro tem 2014-17  
  Jim Williams Councilman 2014-17  
  Eric Dial Mayor 2016-19  
  Linda Howard Post 1 Council Seat 2016-19  
  Ryan Housley Post 2 Council Seat 2016-19  
  Ken Matthews Post 3 Council Seat 2014-17  
  Gloria Furr Post 4 Council Seat 2014-17  
  Daniel C. Langford Mayor 2014-17  
  Lewis B. Harper Council Post 1 2014-17  
  Scott A, Israel Council Post 2 2014-17  
  Ted H. Britt Council Post 3 2012-19  
  Brian P. Davis Council Post 4 2016-19  
  Todd Speer Council Post 5 2012-19  
Gary Laggis Mayor 2014-17
Frank Carden Council Seat
Jack Gilson Council Post 3 2014-17
Kenny Wright Council Seat