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What Is It?
A political ideology that focuses on the interests of a region as a whole, rather than its individual counties, towns, and neighborhoods.

What's the Issue?
Whether or not the usurpation of local government authority and the re-distribution of earnings through regionalism is a proper role of federal and state governments.

Atlanta regional map

Regionalism is also a strategy to tax earnings from citizens in suburbs and re-distribute them to (often liberal) urban constituencies through the consolidation of local land planning, education, & tax authorities into regional entities (such as the Atlanta Regional Commission, or ARC).

Left: The ten counties of the Atlanta Regional Commission

The federal government and participating states promote regionalism through:
- Imposition of suburban growth boundaries (that limit Americans’ choices and promote a return to urban centers)
- Formation of common urban-suburban tax districts to collect taxes to fund projects and causes throughout the same region- with a priority to liberal urban constituencies
- Mandating mixed housing that pushes low income earners into suburbs (and negates our freedom to associate)
- Providing federal grants to jurisdictions that subscribe to regionalism, and impose penalties on those that do not

FCITP Position: 
The FCITP supports local (or home) rule and freedom of association; therefore, it strongly opposes regionalism's concept of forced centralized governance.
We believe that personal responsibility to take full advantage of public education & other opportunties to acquire marketable skills, equal employment opportunity, open markets without crony capitalism, and limited government are a much fairer and effective way to raise everyone's economic well being.
We recognize that there are region-wide issues, and believe they are best addressed through involved jurisdictions' voluntary partnerships, rather than top-down dictates imposed by state & federal governments.

Call To Action:
- Monitor local governments to identify and stop land use and taxation measures that promote regionalism.
- Express your strong opposition to your local, state, and federal elected officials
- Question candidates on their knowledge and support/opposition of regionalism; back those who oppose regionalism and expose candidates who support it.

- Create accountability to the citizen taxpayers
- Demand protection of “home rule”
- Get out of “one-size-fits-all” solutions
- Do not allow forced mandatory regional taxation
- Develop rational metrics for transit projects
- Insist attention be given to Southern Crescent counties (transportation and economic development)

Additional Reading/Resources: 
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Kurtz, Stanley,
"Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities"

and "How Obama Stole Dubuque"