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WE THE PEOPLE of Fayette County... cannot be complacent about our future

Welcome Fellow Georgians!


... To The Fayette County Issues Tea Party (FCITP) 

     We are Fayette County, GA citizens who routinely pursue our values through active participation in local government and welcome like-minded citizens to join us

Our Purpose:  Promote local governments that:
     - Consistently practice the rule of law & ethical conduct
     - Serve the electorate in an open, transparent manner
     - Hold officials accountable
     - Are prudent with public resources

We also work to influence state actions to be fair to Fayette County, and seek our most qualified citizens to serve in local governments- regardless of gender, race, religion, political party, and sexual orientation.
Our meetings are open to the public; there is no memebrship requirement or admission charge.

Frederick Douglas


Our purpose and values are consistent with those of America's Father of Civil Rights- the brilliant abolitionist Frederick Douglass.  Douglass respected the U.S. Constitution, respected life, and believed in limited government and personal responsibility. So do we.

Run-away slave, self educated, orator, businessman, advisor to five U.S. Presidents, Minister Resident  & Counsel-General to Haiti, and author... read his inspiring biographies to better understand Frederick Douglass and his views on humanity, government, and citizen responsibility.


Coming Up...

More subsidy taxes ahead?

Proponents of subsidized commuter service are puishing to create tax zones to collect more money for Atlanta mass transit - and their wide net would include Fayette County.

The current MARTA system has seen decreasing use and operational losses of almost a half-billion dollars every year, along with a multi-billion dollar maintenance backlog. And they want to double down on that at your expense.

Get involved!



Big year - mid-term congressional elections, as well as voting for local Board of Commissioners and Board of Education.



Bob in uniform

"Thanks for Your Service"

When I present my military ID for a veteran's shopping discount, the clerk often says, "Thank you for your service."

It's hard to tell if they're saying it out of habit, or because it's heartfelt. They, a relative, or friend may have served too, and sacrificed much more than I did.

My response, which is automatic, is saying, "The best way to thank me is to understand the Constitution, current issues, and candidates and their positions on those issues and on the Constitution. Then, vote accordingly."

The preservation of liberty depends upon it.



"Safe Spaces"

Safe spaceA movement over the past several years obliges colleges to designate physical areas as "safe spaces" where students/speakers cannot discuss topics that are controversial or "offensive" to the prevailing culture.

It is wrong.

In practice, it bans free speech and thoughtful consideration of positions that conflict with the current popular campus ideology.

That is the complete opposite of one of higher education's primary responsibilities - to develop critical thinking skills that enable students to evaluate opposing ideas and logically defend their own.

Your 'safe space' is not a physical area. It is in your mind. It is knowledge - particularly about human nature. It's knowing what you believe, why you believe it, and the ability to debate its merits over opposing ideas. Hiding behind a boundary on the campus clearly advertises that you haven't done your homework.



Past Events...

July 22, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz speaks at the Newnan Center on behalf of 3d District runoff candidate Mike Crane.U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

June 28, GA Superior Court Judge Jason Thompson explained the newly-implemented DUI Accountability Court program that seeks to punish, rehabilitate, and reduce incarceration costs of offenders seen before that court.

May 31, General Primary runoff candidates Mike Crane (3d U.S. District) and Rudjard Hayes (Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney) discussted their platforms and engaged audience members in Q&A (we have reminded candidates Ferguson and Coker of the opportunity to do the same at our June 28 meeting).

April 26, we cancelled our regular monthly meetings so members could attend forums for conservative candidates.


Sheriff Babb


March 29, Fayette County Sheriff Barry Babb updated the audience on crime trends and his office's actions to recognize them early & counteract them.






Rudjard Hayes

Former Special Prosecutor Rudjard Hayes followed to explain the responsibilities of the District Attorney's office and its relationship to law enforcement offices and the judiciary.






GA State Senator Mike Crane

Feb 29, GA State Senator and U.S. Congressional candidate Mike Crane spoke and responded to questions, followed by GA State Representative candidate James Clifton. County Commission incumbents Charles Oddo and Randy Ognio also spoke with the audience members and stayed to answer individual question.

Photo courtesy of Caitlin Crane



2016 Jan meetingJan 26, The FCITP hosted an an informal opportunity to review which elected Fayette County public offices open up this year, the issues they'll face, and how to recruit & elect our most capable citizens.






Dec 6, This summer it was Greece, today it's Venezuela. Reality sets in after years of socialist "hope & change" policies ruined economies and tore them apart. "Socialism works great until you run out of other people's money!" Margaret Thatcher.

Nov 9, Federal Judge Batten orders that the trial date to hear the NAACP's complaint against Fayette County is continued until further notice of the court.

Oct 21, Federal Judge Batten orders the NAACP and county boards to meet in an attempt to mediate their differences on the NAACP lawsuit to impose district voting within the Fayette County (see more here).


Dr, Barrow




Sep 9, Fayette County Schools Superintendent Dr. Joseph "Jody" Barrow updates the audience on our public schools and responds to questions.





Edward Mitchell night



Aug 25, Islamic Community Center of Atlanta Trustee Edward Mitchell spends an evening with us to discuss Islam, Muslims, and respond to questions.






Aug 3; Federal Judge Timothy Batten orders Fayette County to use district voting and adhere to the gerrymandered district for the Sep 15, 2015 special election to fill the district 5 seat vacated upon Commissioner Coston's untimely death. Read more here.





July 28; Candidates introduce themselves to the audience and respond to a few questions.







Ice cream social



June 30; GA State Representative David Stover explains results of this year's legislative session and responds to questions to members' questions as they enjoy home made ice cream.





Ramadan dinner


June 27; FCITP co-founder Bob Ross & wife attend the Annual Ramadan Interfaith Dinner hosted by the Islamic Community Center of Atlanta (ICCA) at their mosque in Fayetteville, GA.

Mosque members enthusiastically welcomed attendees of all faiths, explained Islam's articles of faith (very similar to those of other world religions), responded to questions, and touched on the very significant ways their members support our community and the needy in Atlanta.





LEO support



June 18; We join community & elected leaders to show solidarity in support of law enforcement officials.






Fayette Factor



May 26; Michael Mumper and Fayette FACTOR Director Becky Smith explain issues challenging Fayette youths






Matt & Marty


April 28; GA State Senator Marty Harbin and Representative Matt Ramsey re-capped the 2015 legislative session and elaborated on specific bills of interest to members






Ben MAlcolmCIB

October 28
; U.S. Army Infantry Colonel (Retired) and Fayette County resident Ben Malcolm agreed to return with a presentation of additional missions he conducted behind enemy lines in North Korea during the Korean War. Malcolm was the advisor to 800 partisans, and found himself accompanying them on operations up to 25 miles inland. He was the first U.S. Army Special Forces officer awarded the Combat Infantryman's badge, and still serves as a speaker at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School.

COL Malcolm recounts his combat tour in the biography White Tigers (available at the presentation and at Amazon).

Driverless cars panel

Lexus driverless car


September 30; A panel with Fayette County Commission Chairman Steve Brown, ARC Director of Community Services Jane Hayse, and GA State Representative Ed Setzler, Chairman of the House Technology Committee and Member of the House Transportation Committee discuss autonomous vehicles (driverless cars), their use in the state, regulatory considerations, and responded to questions during this 90 minute panel presentation.





Steve Rapson


August 26, Fayette County Administrator Steve Rapson updates the audience on topics ranging from storm water management and budget, to the status of our formerly troubled drinking water purification system.





BG Larry Wright


July 29, USAF Brigadier General (Retired) Larry Wright relates his experiences as Commander of the 89th Military Airlift Wing and pilot in command of Air Force 1, with responsibility to fly the president other U.S. and foreign dignataries.

Wright recalled personal events with the Carters, Reagans, and Bushes.







July 9, Members fo the FCITP joined other citizens in front of the Mexican Consulate's office in Atlanta to protest USMC SGT Andrew Tahmooressi's 101 day incarceration in a Tiajuana jail for taking a wrong turn that brought him over the border.
Photo: Michael Clifton



White Tigers book jacket



May 27th: COL (Retired) Ben Malcom, Fayette County resident and former fighter behind enemy lines in North Korea with the CIA. Author of "White Tigers"

Read Ben's amazing biography.





Fayette NAACP Chairman John Jones
Provides Perspectives To the FCITP

John Jones & Bob Ross
Feb 25, 2014; Fayette County NAACP Chairman John E. Jones and FCITP Co-Founder Bob Ross
spend an evening discussing matters of mutual concern to Fayette County residents


Fayette County Commission Chairman Steve Brown
Chairman Brown on regionalism

Feb 4, 2014; Fayette County Commission Chairman Steve Brown explains to residents the impacts of regionalism
and control by unelected officials. Download presentation here as pdf or PowerPoint. See the issue here.


Dr. Joseph C. Barrow Discusses Fayette County School System
School Superintendent Barrow
August 27, 2013: Fayette County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph C. "Jody" Barrow explains his
approach to education, his initial impression of the school system, and responds to audience questions


Jim Pace Updates On Pinewood Studios
Jim Pace
June 25, 2013, Group VI Co-Chairman Jim Pace discusses progress of the Pinewood Studios project in Fayette County,
along with information about supporting businesses and related employment


GA Supt. of Schools John Barge headlines CCSS Forum
CCSS forum panel
June 10, 2013; FCITP co-sponsors forum on Common Core State Standards (CCSS) with TAPE. 
Clayton State University President "Tim" Hynes moderates the pane. Left to right:
            Angela Palm, Dir. of Policy & Legislative Services, GA School Boards Assn
Dr. Julie Turner, Principal, Kedron Elementary school
Kim Herron, Principal, Fayetteville Elementary School
Dr. John Barge, GA State Superintendent of Schools
Tanya Ditty, State Director with Concerned Women of America
Jane Robbins, Senior Fellow with American Principles Projec
Kathleen Angelucci, Cobb County School Board member, Post 4


D.A. King and GA Rep. Ramsey address FCITP members
D.A. King and GA Rep. Matt Ramsey
July 29, 2013; Speakers D.A. King (left) and GA Rep. Matt Ramsey (right) inform our audience about the U.S. Senate bill 744 to
leaglize 10-15m illegal aliens and its devastating impact on the state budget for schools, transportation, and law enforcement


FCITP Supports Blacks in Debate On County Voting Process

May 30, 2013: BOC decides to appeal court decision
May 21, 2013: Federal Judge Batten rules in favor of the NAACP; read his decision

Debate on voting
March 19, 2013; Pota Coston, left, moderates the debate between attorney Wayne Kendall (center) and FCITP Co-founder Bob Ross (right)
learn more about the issue; view the debate here and read newspaper article here.

2013 Fayette County Commission Convenes
2013 Fayette County Commission
Commissioners David Barlow, Charles Oddo, Chairman Steve Brown Brown, Randy Ognio,, and Allen McCarty

Three Board of Education members sworn in
BOE members
Left to right: Mary Kay Bacallao, Marion Key, Judge Ann Jackson, & Barry Marchman

FCITP hosts meeting on education

Oct 30; At its monthly meeting, the Fayette County Issues Tea Party hosted a meeting to solicit ideas for making the county's public education system the best in the state while keeping spending within revenues.  Elected officials from the school board, county commission, Fayetteville, Peachtree City, along with PTO & PTA members, parents, and citizens heard an assessment of our current education status (very good!) and financial status (struggling with a forecasted multi-million dollar 2012-2013 defiicit).

The involved audience contributed and discussed a number of ideas to improve education and bring the budget under control. A copy of the Powerpoint presentation is available here.

All Metro Atlanta Region counties defeat $8.2b TSPLOST

Atlanta Regional taxpayers resoundingly defeated the transportation tax referendum on July 31 by 62% to 38%.
Regional taxpayerss lacked confidence in government stewardship of taxes, and weren't about to pay much more in taxes for too little traffic relief

Opposition to 10-year regional transportation tax grows
AJC forum , Jul 2012
Commissioner Steve Brown (2d from right, Fayette County) participates in the
AJC/PNC Bank sponsored TSPLOST Forum July 12, 2012. See AJC article at this link.
View a video of the forum here.


Parade float
July 4th, 2012 Peachtree City parade float


Tax day event planning
    4-16-'12, SATP member Marty Harbin key notes the FCITP Tax Day event on the square in Fayetteville


GA Atty Gen'l Sam Olens
Feb 9, FCITP members join the GFRWC to hear GA Attorney General Sam Olens

Tom DeWeese forum
Jan 28, National expert Tom DeWeese speaks on Agenda 21

Governor Deal's Transit Governance Task Force hearing
Fayette County resident Steve Smithfield sits between Commissioners Steve Brown & Allen McCarty
at the Governor's Transit Governance Task Force meeting


Dr Todd
Dr Bob Todd, Chairman of the Fayette County Board of Education,
meets with Clayton State University Students

Our Core Values

      - Constitutional Limits on government authority, and separation of powers both vertically and horizontally

      - Transparency of government assemblies, activities, and documents through prior announcement, open access, and accurate and complete records

       - Fiscal Prudence   We expect government officials to budget and spend our taxes to the benefit of the general welfare, rather than for narrow or special interests. 

       - Individual Responsibility  We believe that each of us has the responsibility to use their individual talents to support themselves to the maximum extent possible; every benefit facilitated by government is at the expense of another citizen with their own many challenges in life.

       - Free Markets that are unfettered by government protection of monopoly, force, or fraud through special rules that favor an individual or group

      - Secure Borders We recognize the federal government's constitutional responsibility to enact & enforce immigration laws, but are also well aware of their failure to do so and its consequences on our state and county.


Regional Transportation

     Our members are examining the impact of the recently enacted HB277, or  the Transportation Investment Act of 2010, which is Georgia legislation to identify and prioritize transportation projects across the state, and fund them through an increased sales & use tax.  This broad task will be accomplished through special districts that contain the same counties as our current regional commissions; Fayette County is currently a member of the Atlanta Regional Commission & special district.  Learn more here.

HOT lanes
Newly opened 15 mile long congestion-based toll lane on I-85 north of Atlanta

      Check back often as we post content and remarks about this 10-year (minimum) $6.2b tax increase and its impacts on you.

West Fayetteville Bypass

     This road was one of among some 53 projects that were crypticly referred to as "road, street, and bridge purposes" on a 2004 ballot that voters approved to raise money through a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST).  A number of citizens began questioning the need for the $25m road when they learned that there was no traffic engineering study that concluded the need for it or alternatives to carry the traffic that Commissioners Frady, Hearn, and Horgan insist will use it.

     Citizens renewed their interest when they discovered that they would be paying to provide additional access to over 900 acres of land owned by developers and that the designed road would not provide convenient access to I-85 or the Atlanta Airport (making it far less practical as a bypass around Fayetteville).  Learn more here.


     May 22, 23, 2012.  Two FCITP members debate the Transportation Investment Act to an overflow crowd in Roswell, GA and Cherokee County GA
                                 Debate in Roswell

    Jan 12, 2012. FCITP presented a letter to Governor Deal outlining disappointments related to his handling of the Transportation Investment Act of 2010; 22 other organizations co-signed the letter or sent their own copy for presentation to the Governor.

    Nov 2011. Greg Clifton defeated 3-term mayor of Fayetteville Ken Steele, who had voted repeatedly for wasteful transit plans in the metro Atlanta region; two of his supporting council members were also defeated.

    August 23, 2011.  Five municipal candidates introduced themselves to the membership at our monthly meeting, and State Senator arrived straight from the legislature to brief us on the re-districting progress (see our actions here to adjust U.S. Congressional districts to best reflect the values and community interests of Fayette County).

   July 4, 2011.  Members participated in the PTC Independence Day parade in Peachtree City; float awarded "Most Patriotic" award.
FCITP float

    June 23, 2011.  FCITP members join other citizens in a standing room only meeting of the Fayette County Board of Commissioners' meeting to comment on the county's FY 2012 budget, which spends $89m against projected revenues of $72m: Obamanomics?

BOC meeting


     June 22, 2011. Three members of our Tea Party attend a small luncheon with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.  In a conversational manner, Gingrich touched on familiar themes important to the country: 14 million Americans out of work, one in four homes worth less than their mortgage, a mountain of federal debt, the need to return to a Constitutionally-limited federal government, energy, and principles that make America exceptional.

     Newt Gingrich has always been an idea man (he was the force behind the ’94 Contract With America), and after hearing his ideas here, more than one of us said, “Well, sure, that makes sense; of course that’s the way to approach that tough issue.” It was also obvious that practical ideas in our complex world are a rare commodity and a threat to the current administration and the fawning press that supports it. No small wonder, then, that his major policy speech on the Federal Reserve the same morning made no headlines, but the gossip of departing consultants does.

Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich with Tea Party members


     June 11, 2011.  At the invitation  of the North Fulton County GOP, Tea Party member Bob Ross explained the economic consequences of rail transit projects in the 10-county transportation investment plan that voters will be asked to vote on next summer.  Todd Long, Director of Planning for the GA Dept of Transportation, outlined how highway revenue from gasoline tax was shrinking as maintenance and new construction costs rose.

Todd Long
Director Long addresses the crowd

Leslie Edwards
Member Leslie Edwards joins in the discussion


     June 6, 2011. GA businessman Bruce Cook presented the 'One Cent Solution' to southside citizens.  Bruce was appointed by former Gov Sonny Perdue as chair of the GA Dept of Human Resources, and has been interviewed by CNN, CBS Evening News, ABC News, and the Wall Street Journal.  His simple, yet effective, non-partisan program would reduce federal expenditures 1c for every dollar for five years, which would balance the budget and reduce the national debt over $2T. 

     Mr. Cook has already briefed the One Cent Solution to US Senators and Representatives, and Rep. Connie Mack (FL) has introduced the legislation in May this year.  Read about the Solution, and sign up to urge your elected officials to support it.  Everyone can understand reducing their budget 1% over a year!

US federal spending


GA State Representative MAtt Ramsey addresses the House   
     April 27, 2011.  GA State Representative Matt Ramsey presented a lawmaker's perspective on grass roots support of key legislation- what actions are most effective, timing, and communicating with lawmakers.

     Now that Governor Deal has signed the bill, GA taxpayers will begin to see some relief in the costs they've borne supporting illegal aliens.   Many special interest groups still oppose this measure to enforce the rule of law.  




Rally to support the Wisconsin Governor 
2-23-2011, Tea Party members (near side) in support of Wisconsin
Governor Walker's effort to promote fiscal responsibility.   Union protestors are
on the far side.  See additional photos here.

Member Denise testifies before the Judiciary Committee
2-11-2011, One of five Fayette County Issues Tea Party members testifying before the GA House Judiciary Committee


Know Your County Elected Officials

Review all elected county officials and their term expiration

Board of Education
The newly installed Board selects candidate Bob Todd (R) as President of the Board for 2011.  During their April 19, 2011 meeting, the newly composed BoE voted to restore pay cuts made on the basis of faulty budget information.

Fayette County Board of Education votes

County Elections Board
At their Dec 9th meeting, three commissioners approved a resolution that would allow them to veto the two major political parties' nominee to the County Elections Board.  We strongly opposed this violation of separation of political powers, and our efforts contributed to the the Board's recission of the resolution.


Candidates Allen McCarty and Steve Brown are sworn in as the county's newest commissioners

Allen McCarty is sworn in Steve Brown is sworn in


Education: The U.S. Constitution
Member Bob Ross (L) and others attended the day-long presentation on the U.S. Constitution by Dr. Earl Taylor of the National Center for Constitutional Studies (special thanks to Denise Ognio and the Coweta County Tea Party)

Dr Earl Taylor


Gubernatorial Campaign
Nathan Deal stops in Peachtree city during his campaign against Roy Barnes and the liberal, big-government, high-tax politicians Barnes so generously supported with his personal financial contributions.  Since 54% of Georgians who voted in the Nov 2 general election agreed, Nathan and his team were able to immediately begin the transition for swearing in January 10th.

Rally for Nathan Deal
GA Gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal talks with attendees


Nathan Deal at rally  U.S. Representative Lynn Westmoreland
Nathan Deal addresses critical issues     U.S Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, 3rd District

Watch Nathan's remarks on You Tube
Part I       Part 2










HOT lanes on I-85 north of Atlanta